fine MUSIC

FINE MUSIC is your perfect guide to the most appreciated italian music from Florence, Rome, Venice, Langhe, Dolomiti, Portofino.


Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born on the 4th March, 1678 in Venice to Giovanni Battista and Camilla Calicchio... READ MORE

Florence Musical May

Why is ‘May’? First of all because of its history. It’s a festival born out of a classical concert season: the first in Italy, today the oldest in Europe after... READ MORE

Sounds of the Dolomites

Music as a universal language, the mountains as a place of freedom: this is the idea surrounding a festival which, year after year, summit after summit, has become... READ MORE

The Sanremo Festival

The Sanremo Festival is not only one of the most important musical events in our country but it literally made the history of Italian television. Since its beginnings in 1951... READ MORE


Ludovico Einaudi, born to Giulio in Turin in 1955, is a famous musician and composer. Ludovico is an Italian composer and pianist known and appreciated worldwide...