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FINE WINES offers a selection of best italian wines from Florence, Rome, Venice, Langhe, Dolomiti, Portofino.

Chianti red wine

Chianti wine is an invention of the nature and culture of the most well-known and loved regions of Italy in the world. The beauty, history, sensations and unique flavors of Tuscany are all reflected in this wine, which is one of the primary symbols of Made in Italy...READ MORE

Soave white wine

Soave is a plentful land of hills, volcanis soils, gentle slopes and beautiful green vineyards. Located east of the province of Verona and bordering the nearby Vicenza. Here it is produced the Soave DOC, a white wine...READ MORE

Dolcetto wine

Dolcetto is a grape native to Piedmont, in particular to the areas of ​​Monferrato, Langhe and surroundings, and is also grown in Liguria, where it is known as Ormeasco. Dolcetto wine has an intense and complex nose, characterized by fruity and floral notes, with...READ MORE

Frascati wine

Frascati is an italian white wine produced in the area around the town of Rome. It has an intense and quite complex nose, savoury with hints of melon and and tropical fruits on a mellow citrus background with...READ MORE

Valpolicella Ripasso wine

Valpolicella Ripasso wine DOC is obtained by the contact between basic Valpolicella and residual Amarone lees. The ripasso (‘revision’) technique takes place before the barrel aging, the basic Valpolicella is poured directly into vats where...READ MORE

Pigato white wine

Pigato is a typical white wine of the far west of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. It is a dry white wine, fresh, fine and balanced, with intense fruity and floral aromas...READ MORE

Chianti wine is celebrating 300 years of history

Chianti is produced in central Tuscany. Widely regarded as one of the best wines in the world, in 2016 Chianti wine is celebrating 300 years.

Wine and food pairing

Wine and food pairing is difficult to match if you're not used to it. Every food needs a type of wine as the proper pairing, in order to be fully enjoyed and understood. Wine and food pairing can be quite a challenge for those not involved in matching those elements of cuisine.