FINE INGREDIENTS shows you the best italian ingredients that you can use in italian recipies from Florence, Rome, Venice, Langhe, Dolomiti, Portofino.

Porcino mushroom types

Porcino is undoubtedly the most highly regarded mushroom in gastronomy. But not everyone knows that there are actually four varieties of edible porcini: let's discover them... READ MORE

Best Truffles

The truffle is a fungus that lives underground in symbiosis with plant roots. Truffles have the appearance of tubers consisting of a fleshy mass called the ‘gleba’... READ MORE

Baccala fish

To trace the history of one of the most typical dishes of traditional Venetian cuisine, such as baccala (creamed cod), means delving into some of the juicy anecdotes ... READ MORE

The real Amatriciana sauce history

What's the true story of amatriciana? Amatriciana (or ''matriciana' in the Roman dialect, in which vowels are often dropped), is a sauce for pastasciutta (literally 'dry pasta'), typical in Roman trattorias and osterias. The ingredients are... READ MORE

Chianina tuscan beef

The chianina cattle owes its name to the Chiana Valley in Tuscany. The theory of its origin, based on the discovery of ancient sculptures and paintings, is that it is a native breed or has existed since... READ MORE

Basil pesto sauce

Basil pesto sauce probably comes from the ancient Roman moretum, a green paste made with cheese, garlic and herbs, whose preparation is described in a poem attributed to Virgil... READ MORE

Olive trees, olive varieties and olive oil in Italy

The olive tree is an evergreen tree (but it can also be a shrub) native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa... Olive oil or Extra virgin oil?... What about the Italian olive recipes?

Italian Almond Biscuits

The Italian Almond Biscuits Cantucci (Biscotti), originate in the city of Prato. They are twice-baked, dry, crunchy and dipped in Vin Santo... READ MORE

Italian speck ham

Italian Speck ham is a flavored, smoked, cured ham produced in South Tyrol, northern Italy... READ MORE

Authentic penne with arrabbiata sauce

Authentic penne with arrabbiata sauce is originally from Rome and is one of the staple and most recognizable Italian dishes...READ MORE

Italian artichoke cream

The artichoke cream is one of the most beloved fillings for pasta meals, and has proved to be quite popular among numerous important food critics.

Pappardelle egg pasta

Pappardelle egg pasta is among the most popular and delicious meals of Italian cuisine. Its tenderness and flavor have made it so far a staple recipe in almost all Italian restaurants.

Italian almonds

Italian almonds are some of the most delicious cookies in the world. They have an ancient history, due to the cultural and social transformations of the many towns and regions they had the opportunity to grow with. Are you ready to try out Italian almonds?

Venetian Doge's cake

One of the most famous cakes in Venice, Pan del Doge's origins date back to 1600, under dodge Silvestro Valier.

Soft amaretti biscuits

Soft amaretti biscuits are very popular in Italy, due to their ancient history and high reputation as some of the most delicious cookies in the world. Soft amaretti biscuits can be divided into many different types, according to each Italian region's history and tradition.

Italian beef in red wine

Discover ideas for cooking and tasting Italian Beef in red wine. Try it with a wide range of steaks, as well as different types of red wine.

Italian hazelnuts

Italian hazelnuts are widely known worldwide as "Nocciole del Piemonte". They stem from the Piedmont region, particularly the Langhe area, and are characterized by a spherical shape, quite a delicate flavour, and a crisp pulp. Italian hazelnuts are among the most popular and most appreciated hazelnuts in the world.

What are taggiasca olives

Taggiasca olives derive their name and fame from the town of Taggia, located in the Province of Imperia in the Italian region Liguria. Being of large size, of low weight, and an ovoid shape, they exude a robust and distinct flavor. Taggiasca olives are a favorite for antipasti and are widely used in pasta and fish dishes.

Italian fish stew with potatoes

Italian fish stew with potatoes is typically a combination of solid food ingredients cooked in liquid. The ingredients include vegetables, meat, and fish.