PIEDMONT meat menu

3 Courses

4 People

€65.57 / €16,39 per person

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PIEDMONT meat menu

Suggested for 4 to 5 persons

The ancient traditions of Piedmont meet each other in this hamper of ours.

We start with typical pork salami with truffle

The red wine of the Langhe has long been amongst the best known throughout the world. Here it accompanies a dazzling second course of meat from locally-bred animals, slow cooked according to the ancient recipe.

The Piedmont hazelnut is unrivaled in the world for its statistically unique nutritional characteristics: it is the star of the hazelnut cake with a flavour you will never forget.

Just a touch of Moscato wine, the sweet wine with flavours of apple in a fruit syrup is a worthy conclusion to our dazzling menu.

16,39 per person
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