3 Courses

4 People

€59.73 / €14,93 per person

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Suggested for 4 to 5 persons

The appetizer is composed by a vegetarian pate - artichoke pate and by an Italian pork salami.

White duck sauce is a refined Venetian food for you to discover, thanks to our offering, served with spaghetti pasta made from durum wheat semolina, bronze moulded and dried by a low temperature process.

"Pagnotta del Doge" is an unusual Italian dessert created centuries ago to please the Doge (the full story is in our magazine!). Almost impossible to find if you move away from Venice, it’s the gem of this menu.

Soave wine is the perfect companion on this journey into the kitchen of the most beautiful lagoon city in the world.

14,93 per person
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