4 Courses

4 People

€60.87 / €15,22 per person

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Suggested for 4 to 5 persons

The Portofino menu hamper expresses at the top this territory. 

Taggiasche or taggiasca olives are renowned worldwide for the intensity of their flavour: here they are in the form of spreadable paté. 

Seasoned cheese, accompanied by whole olives, copletes the starters kit.

The main course is a fundamental classic: linguine pasta (also known as trenette pasta) is the traditional Italian choice if you are looking for a pesto sauce pasta, and basil pesto sauce is the very best of the Ligurian pasta sauces. Ligurian basil is universally recognized as the best basil in terms of balance and the richness of flavors in its bouquet.

The soft "Sassello" amaretti biscuits and cherries in syrup are a great end to this hearty meal.

Pigato wine carries the sun of Liguria, but also the hard work of the farmers who cultivated the steep Ligurian land for centuries through the construction of "bands": the clarity and the force.

15,22 per person
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