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Suggested for 4 to 5 persons

Tuscan menu hamper transports you with us to the most famous region of Italy.

"Bruschetta" - toasted bread with topping - originated in Tuscany, where it is also called "crostino": here we wanted to present it with a typical bruschetta topping, sun dried tomato and black olives.

Our cold cuts, Italian cured meats, the heart of Tuscan cuisine: this pork salami is made by a very few ingredients, according to the tradition.

The best meat in Tuscany, prepared strictly according to the traditional recipe, can be found in our slow-cooked "Chianina" beef. The beef comes from a breed of cow whose story you will find in our magazine.

The Tuscan dessert par excellence, the "cantucci", known also as almond biscotti, are handmade according to the original recipe, created so as not to be too sweet when dipped in wine. They are nevertheless rich in natural ingredients which release a variety of flavours once in your mouth. And if in addition to dipping them in wine try doing it with fruit syrup...

15,48 per person

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