Venetian Doge's cake

Venetian Doge's cake

Venetian Doge's cake

Published : 10/24/2017 12:35:02
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Venice has a long tradition of cakes and desserts, due to the fact that the use of sugar in cooking was discovered by Venetian pharmacists. Venice cake is often associated with Pinza, or Pinsa, an Epiphany cake based on cornmeal and mixed dried fruits, along with nuts. Venice cake can refer also to the so called Pan del Doge, one of the most important and delicious cakes there.

Pan del Doge

One of the most famous cakes in Venice, Pan del Doge's origins date back to 1600, under dodge Silvestro Valier. It was once a little bread sweetened with honey, butter, eggs and nuts coming from a swampland. 
Now it is made of sugar, butter, eggs, figs, milk, honey, nuts, yeast, lemon and grated orange. Its preparation involves two different periods of time: one in which the dough is made and left to rise for about 12 hours, and the other in which fruit is added, and then let rise for another 15 hours. It is then cooked and cooled down before being immersed in butter and floured with sugar.

Italian desserts

Italian desserts are numerous and comprise an enormous amount of typologies and varieties, depending upon the region where they came from. Italian frozen desserts comprehend a broad number of sweets. The Italian Gelato is an ice cream that can be made with several flavors: lemon, figs, chestnuts, chocolate, cream.