Three Friends


Three Friends

Published : 03/14/2018 15:36:15
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We are three friends, we are Italian, and we welcome you into our world: a world of authenticity, passion, tradition and fine living.
We deliver you, directly from Italy, our "Fine Italy Box": there you will find all the courses that make up a menu tied to a specific place of Italy, which gave their name to the menu.

All our food is produced by craftsmen who follow the traditional italian recipes, with fresh ingredients, preparations and homemade cooking, without preservatives, without additives. Everything is ready to eat: the main courses just need to be heated, appetizers and desserts are ready to eat, the wine just has to be uncorked. If you choose a pasta menu, you just have to boil the pasta.
Discover the core of our philosophy: the food that we bring you is the food we eat in Italy: in our homes, in restaurants, with our families and with our friends.
In preparing our boxes we are committed to getting maximum flavor into your meals, as you sit comfortably at your table in the company of your friends, without taking away the pleasure of cooking our pasta, which you will dress in an instant with our homemade sauces in the housewives’ tradition! 

Fine Italy brings the traditional Italian food on your table.