Italian beef in red wine

Italian beef in red wine

Italian beef in red wine

Published : 10/24/2017 12:50:15
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Beef in red wine may appear for more than one reader a curious and quite bizarre combination. You will surely be surprised when you'll find out how many recipes and meals are made which consist of such an extravagant pairing. Beef in red wine comprises a wide range of steaks, as well as different types of red wine.

Red wine sauce for steak

Red wine reduction. It might sound impressive or difficult to think of. In fact, it is quite simple to make. Red wine reductions are essential to create that peculiar wine sauce you need for your beef. A good old Cabernet Sauvignon may be the perfect type of red wine you can count on when preparing your sauce. Reduction is the process of simmering a liquid to concentrate its color and flavor. When simmering, water escapes, and along with it a bit of the sauce that will remain in the end, that is, the wine sauce.

Beef in red wine slow cooked

Slow cooked beef in red wine is a must-try! Nothing tastes better than sipping from the steak a drop or two of a dry red wine. Braising is one of the principal moist heat cooking methods for meat, along with stewing, and pot roasting. In braising, meat is not fully immersed in liquid, unlike stewing. Beef casserole is a traditional braised beef stew with thick gravy, and it is one of the most delicious recipes you can make by topping it with a red wine sauce.

Which red wine variety?

You may decide to use red wine varieties such as Barbera, a typical Piedmontese wine, whose flavor is intense and sweet. Or you may revolve around Chianti, an excellent pairing for steak or other grilled meat. 
Barolo is another of the world's finest red wines. It is a dense and full-bodied grape variety whose tastes are numerous and well-mixed, from chocolate to wild strawberry. You may also want to try Dolcetto, a red wine variety very rich in taste and with a steady and immediately recognizable consistence.

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