FINE MOVIES reviews all movies that were shot in Italy in particular in Florence, Rome, Venice, Langhe, Dolomiti, Portofino.


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  • Rome Open City
    Published : 10/24/2017 15:43:55 | Categories : Fine MOVIES

    Rome, winter 1944. The engineer Manfredi, involved in the National Liberation Committee, asks Pina, a commoner and a widow with a son and about to remarry, to help him carry out a partisan action...

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  • The Mandrake
    Published : 10/24/2017 15:39:05 | Categories : Fine MOVIES

    In 1965 Alberto Lattuada filmed The Mandrake, a comedy masterpiece written by Machiavelli in 1514. The play takes place in Florence, and deals with one 24-hour span in 1504...

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  • Enchanted April
    Published : 10/24/2017 15:34:01 | Categories : Fine MOVIES

    In 1992 some scenes from the film Enchanted April, directed by Mike Newell (*), were filmed in the village of Portofino. Set in the twenties, the film was based on the 1922 novel by Elizabeth...

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  • The Great War
    Published : 10/24/2017 15:31:47 | Categories : Fine MOVIES

    The Great War is set in the Italy of 1916. Oreste Jacovacci, a Roman, and John Busacca, Milanese, are two sly and cowardly slackers. After trying and failing an ambush they are enrolled at...

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  • James Bond in Venice
    Published : 10/24/2017 15:27:46 | Categories : Fine MOVIES

    There are three 007 agents that have made Venice the most refined of Bond girls: Sean Connery in From Russia with Love (Terence Young, 1963), Roger Moore in Moonraker (Lewis Gilbert, 1979) and...

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