Who we are...

Who we are...

We are three friends, we are Italian, and we welcome you into our world: a world of authenticity, passion, tradition and fine living.

If you like the Italian way of life, or if you want to learn more about it, let us accompany you.

In our Fine Italy box we have recreated the atmosphere of the typical Italian meal with traditional italian recipes.

You will find the courses of each menu are tied to a specific place in Italy which gives its name to that menu.

All our food is produced by artisans who follow traditional recipes, with fresh ingredients, methods and homemade cooking.

It’s here that you can discover the core of our philosophy: the food that we bring you is the food we eat in Italy: in our homes, in restaurants, with our families and with our friends.

In preparing our boxes we are committed to getting maximum flavor into your meals, as you sit comfortably at your table in the company of your friends.

Italian Portofino menu


Enjoy the local cuisine menu we've selected for you