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Beef Fine Italy by Palluda

Beef slow cooked in red wine

Slow cooked red wine beef

Our slow cooked beef in red wine is made exclusively for us by a renowned Chef, who is worth a visit in his own restaurant in Piedmont. This "brasato" beef is prepared according to an ancient recipe. Ingredients are beef meat, carrots, celery, onions, rosemary, bay leaf, garlic, pepper, salt and red wine, but the main key is the way in which it’s prepared and cooked.

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Slow cooked beef in red wine - 2 x 300g

Price €24.17
Amatriciana sauce

Amatriciana sauce

Amatriciana sauce

This is our tomato sauce Amatriciana, "MADE IN AMATRICE" by the chef of the typical restaurant "La Campagnola". The preparation of this sauce is made according to the ancient, original recipe, based on light-fried smoked pork meat and chili pepper in extra virgin olive oil, just flavoured by white wine, in which tomato pulp is poured and cooked until it gets smooth enough. No garlic, no onion. The perfect sauce for bucatini or spaghetti pasta. It comes in a 360g jar.

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Amatriciana sauce - 360g

Price €10.53
Amatriciana sauce

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